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Saturday, January 21, 2012


A Presentation prepared by Alekson/Grazing Bull was delivered to Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom on September 16, 2011.  Confirmation of the receipt of that delivery was received from 10 Downing Street  on September 22, 2011. 
The Presentation is meant to open a dialogue with the Government of the United Kingdom for (i) the ground-up formation of Compassionate Medical Marijuana Legislation; and (ii) development of a nationwide, stringently governed and transparently regulated and monitored Medical Marijuana Industry creating more than 100,000+ new well-paying jobs across the United Kingdom.
                The task at hand is not an easy one.  Notwithstanding the difficulty faced by law makers in bringing about a fully developed infrastructure in support of the Medical Marijuana Industry contemplated by the Presentation, law makers need to compassionately recognize (i) the needs of those suffering from debilitating medical conditions; (ii) the risk of prosecution people face each time they seek relief from chronic medical conditions; (iii) the immediate need for a great many well-paying jobs to help mitigate current levels of unemployment across the Nation; and (iv) a new tax revenue source to help fund much needed social programs.  Compassionate Medical Marijuana Legislation is the right action; now is the right time. 
The Presentation sets forth a practical, systematic framework for development and implementation of Compassionate Medical Marijuana Legislation in the United Kingdom.  Governmental adoption of initiatives similar to those set forth in the Presentation will create a business-risk-manageable Industry immediately bringing about significant outside Capital Investment.  Capital Investment needed to develop the nation-wide infrastructure in support of the Industry.
Given (i) the labor intensive nature of the Medical Marijuana Industry; and (ii) that Patients will come from across the United Kingdom and from all walks of life; jobs created by formation of a Medical Marijuana Industry will be proportionately spread nationwide across all United Kingdom communities. 
Creation of more than 100,000+ new, well-paying jobs in a stringently controlled and transparent Medical Marijuana Industry will improve the economies of countless communities across the United Kingdom and spark entrepreneurial enthusiasm.  Entrepreneurial enthusiasm to create new business enterprises in support of the Industry; those enterprises, in turn, creating countless additional new jobs.  The ripple effect generated from the creation of more than 100,000+ new, well-paying jobs in a relatively short time period will have an enormously positive affect on the economy of the whole of the United Kingdom. 
The job multiplier associated with creating more than 100,000+ new, well-paying jobs in an entirely new Industry could potentially create as many as 2 to 2.5 times that many indirect support jobs needed (i) to manufacture and/or procure the materials and sophisticated equipment necessary to operate this new Industry; and (ii) to monitor its governance.  Sophisticated products and well educated and industry trained personnel (both blue and white collar) are required to successfully operate this Industry
The industrial-scale strategies discussed in the Presentation delivered to Prime Minister Cameron will require hard work, long hours of dedicated effort and the collaborative cooperation of all; everyone pulling together to bring about a 21st Century perspective that relegates the thinking of the past to the history books and gives birth to a whole new Industry with an abundance of new, economic opportunities

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In the Real World, Medical Marijuana is a bona fide INDUSTRY. In the World of Politics, Medical Marijuana is looked upon as an ANNOYANCE that Politicians tolerate while condescendingly “patting-on-the-head” and relegating out of Mainstream American Society to the back room where the Industry appears more than content to remain. No other Industry the size of the Medical Marijuana Industry, in the United States or elsewhere in the world, would tolerate such a patronizing attitude from the Politicos.

It is time the Medical Marijuana Industry took a long overdue, close, defining look at itself in the mirror and decided (i) what it currently is; (ii) what it wants to become; (iii) where it wants to be in the decades to come; and (iv) what it has to do to get there.

Why does the Medical Marijuana Industry lack the Political Clout of Industries half its size?

Let us know how you truly feel about this subject.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


In advancement of The Medicine Wheel Project®, the Company has successfully acquired, from Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC, the exclusive world-wide distribution rights (in perpetuity) of a perfected technology for delivery of Medical Marijuana/tetrahydrocannabinol and other secondary marijuana metabolites in the form of a patented transcutaneous Medical Marijuana Medicinal Patch.

There are many members of the general population, especially the young and the elderly, for whom the pain control benefits of Medical Marijuana Therapy would be a welcome addition to their pain management options, however, for any number of reasons including, but not limited to:

(i) those persons who cannot draw smoke into their lungs because of the malady from which they suffer;

(ii) those persons who are too young for normal Medical Marijuana Therapy delivery modalities;

(iii) the elderly who have never smoked in their lives and do not want start even if the smoke is therapeutic; and

(iv) general societal misgivings about marijuana because of the perceived social stigma attributed to marijuana use;

these individuals are, because of the foregoing and many other reasons, unable to adopt Medical Marijuana Therapy as a pain management option.

These individuals, as well as other eligible Medical Marijuana Patients, now have a viable and societally acceptable alternative available to them in the form of a Medical Marijuana Medicinal Patch.

The Medical Marijuana Medicinal Patch is the first exclusively controlled and clearly medicinal departure from marijuana’s age old delivery modality of smoking and therefore:

(i) will block any black market product proliferation and non-taxable profiteering; and

(ii) will open the door for The Medicine Wheel Project®’s research and development of other purely holistic delivery modalities.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


A vertically integrated, multi-disciplined Joint Venture to (i) the advancement, development and implementation of The Medicine Wheel Project® for the nationally focused advocacy of the holistic benefits of Medical Marijuana as an augment to synthetic pharmaceuticals prescribed for the management of chronic pain; and (ii) the adoption and implementation of a standardized program of:

· nation-wide patient care through a universal collective of non-profit Foundations;

· universal regulatory protocols for the planting, cultivation, harvesting, quality control, traceability (seed to patient) of Medical Marijuana products and modalities; and

· the 5-Star Medicine Wheel Project dispensing of Medical Marijuana to eligible patients in States adopting appropriate Legislation.

The Medicine Wheel Project® provides States with an easy to adopt and implement standardized program of universal nation-wide patient care and through that standardization, (i) an understandable and risk manageable business enterprise for the investment community; and (ii) an easy to implement program for the levying and collection of State Taxes on the manufacture and dispensing of Medical Marijuana products and modalities.

The Medical Marijuana Business Revolution that is The Medicine Wheel Project® has been evolving over the past year and it is now time for The Medicine Wheel Project® to be presented as a commercially organized and viable nationally-scaled business for the advocacy, cultivation and dispensing of Medical Marijuana in States which have adopted Medical Marijuana Legislation.

It is time that Medical Marijuana is brought into the light of day and woven into the fabric of main stream American Society rather than legitimized by State Legislation but nonetheless relegated to the fringes of speculative endorsement where main stream American Society speculates and becomes suspicious and mistrusting of its motives.

Medical Marijuana is not a panacea, however, it is a legitimate effective augment to synthetic pharmaceuticals normally prescribed for management of chronic pain. The therapeutic benefits of Medical Marijuana can only truly be appreciated by someone who suffers from the physical and psychological ravages of continuous, un-abating chronic pain. Unless someone has experienced years of continuous chronic pain and the physical and psychological side effects of the long-term use of synthetic pharmaceuticals normally prescribed for management of chronic pain such as Fentanyl, OxyContin, Percocet and the like, it is not possible for anyone to understand what it means or feels like to have even the short respite from chronic pain that Medical Marijuana affords.

American Society would never advocate or permit the prolonged suffering of animals without stepping in to provide some form of appropriate relief, however, that same Society stumbles when it comes to providing relief to its fellow members other than by way of drug company and FDA endorsed synthetic pharmaceuticals which have proven, on multiple occasions, to harbor dangerous, potentially life-threatening side effects. Therein lies the true tragedy.