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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In the Real World, Medical Marijuana is a bona fide INDUSTRY. In the World of Politics, Medical Marijuana is looked upon as an ANNOYANCE that Politicians tolerate while condescendingly “patting-on-the-head” and relegating out of Mainstream American Society to the back room where the Industry appears more than content to remain. No other Industry the size of the Medical Marijuana Industry, in the United States or elsewhere in the world, would tolerate such a patronizing attitude from the Politicos.

It is time the Medical Marijuana Industry took a long overdue, close, defining look at itself in the mirror and decided (i) what it currently is; (ii) what it wants to become; (iii) where it wants to be in the decades to come; and (iv) what it has to do to get there.

Why does the Medical Marijuana Industry lack the Political Clout of Industries half its size?

Let us know how you truly feel about this subject.

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  1. You asked people to say how we truly feel on this so I'm answering. As for medical marijuana, I think that should be up to individuals to decide if they use it or not. Some people have a lot of pain. I have a lot of medical issues myself. I do not use it though. I'm allergic to it so it makes no difference to me. However, I am Native American and I am very offended by your logo. You do know that is NOT what we smoke in a sacred pipe right? The logo there implies to me that it is ok to smoke marijuana in a sacred pipe and it is not. Carrying a traditional native pipe has nothing to do with smoking that. A ceremonial pipe carrier is expected to not use substances like marijuana and alcohol. The medicine wheel is like a cross to many Native Americans. I do not agree with it's use here either, but it is the depiction of a traditional looking native pipe that I find most offensive.